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The number of original \

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The original title: the number of waiting plays of the actors in the petition order, Wang Yibo's four plays and three Xiaozhan's, the largest number of which is the number of the cast of the elder martial sister

the number of waiting plays of the actors in the petition order; Wang Yibo's four Xiaozhan's three, and the largest number is the senior sister

Chen Qingling, an ancient fantasy drama, is adapted and remade according to the popular youth theory. It is starred by actors such as Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, xuanlu, Meng Ziyi, Liu Haikuan, Wang Zhuocheng, and Zhu zanjin. The plot is based on the five element family. It tells the story of the reunion of Wei Wuxian, the son of an old friend of Yunmeng's Jiang family, and LAN's Han Guang Jun Lan of Gusu. They work together to explore the original website of Kuai San platform in Henan last year, The story of protecting civilians and calm and detailed. When the play was broadcast, Henan's fast three platform website was also much more than the three platform website of Henan. It did not expect that with the development of the story, word of mouth and inflammation gradually increased. Later, the popularity of the play could only make complaints about it, and even it could be said to be a network drama of image form. I'd like to see the number of plays to be broadcast by several actors in the play more than a year after its launch.

Wang Yibo played the role of \


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